Here are some posts under recurring topics in this blog. Feel free to discuss with me any topics you’d like  to see. Enjoy!

Consumer Insights

How Can Consumer Attitudes be Measured Without Surveys?

Making the case for online consumer research

Consumers as Human Beings, Not Merely Count in a Sample Size

Relating to the consumer by understanding their lifestyle closehand

Social effects of media, technology and advertising on kids

Big Data

Marketing is More Science than Art

What True Partnership Means in the Agency/Client World

Structures are Salient in Math and Science, Latent in the Arts

Identifying What People Do and Where They Are through Data

Media Economics

Creating Value: Media Economies of Scale

Creating Value: Online Publishing

Digital Marketing

A Critical Challenge to Pursue

Digital media, kids and underprivileged circumstances

Social Media

The Potential of Social Media

Oscars in the age of the social network

Mobile Marketing

The deal with mobile

Global Marketing

Globalization and the Corporation

Marketing to the Poor of the Developing World


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