What topics do you write about?
Here, I intend to share my own observations and questions regarding recent topics as well as those that occur to me in my daily interaction with the world. This blog is meant to ask questions, discuss ideas and invite others to deepen their understanding as we unpack issues in marketing and current trends. Seeking a solution is priority. I don’t impose answers; I trust that you will come to your own conclusions.

What kind of global experience do you have?
I was born in Manila and partly grew up there. My formative teen years and early twenties were spent in Los Angeles. I’m continually broadening my view of the world, and I have a very diverse and wordly set of friends. Naturally, I’m concerned with global development, which I studied in college. My curiosity about globalization and cultures, as well as my direct experience in it, supplemented by my professional interest in global business, led to this blog.

Why blog? There are too many bloggers out there.
Some bloggers choose to blog to promote oneself, without wanting to participate in the exchange of ideas. Ideas have to come first, and blogging is a good way to share and hone those ideas. Moreover, I think I know a thing or two about blogging, having kept a blog of (several) sorts since 2001.

What’s the point of this blog?
Aside from what’s been said in the About page and above, my goal is to understand business thoughts, marketing practices, and people from different areas, situations and lifestyles. I’d also like to further explore what “Gen Y” means inside and outside of Western culture, and to understand my own identity that is influenced simultaneously by East and West.

The ultimate goal is to find the connections and emphasize the value of interactions between seemingly dissimilar things and connect people from different places (location, industry, position) together.


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