Marketing Muse is a place for observation and commentary about my industry (marketing) and my niche (marketing effectiveness, consumer research and media analytics). There is a focus on global marketing practices as well, as this blog is an exploration of the flows of ideas, people, capital, companies, through a marketing lens.

Here I address the various ways we straddle multiple worlds– the local vs. the global, the content vs. the medium, the visual and the literal– in order to comprehend the motivations expressed by consumers, vis-a-vis the messages communicated by marketers. Bridging the most dissimilar concepts will be the challenge.

I believe that responsible enterprises whose core businesses provide value that leads to the improvement of lives will be the most sustaining in the longer term, and will become leaders in their categories. More often than not, companies eschew this responsibility and take consumers for granted. I want to build a career where my skills are used toward making an impact and bringing out good things into the world.

At its root, this is about a Gen Y woman’s insatiable curiosity about the interactions between consumers and commerce, the stories that bring them together, and how this interaction can make the world better and present opportunities for each. It’s about surfacing the stories that can be drawn from the spaces in between.

More on my interest in a diverse, connected world here.


She has been published in print and online outlets including Levo League and Travel International, and has been invited to speak at a variety of venues, including a 2013 alumni panel for Stanford Graduate School of Business’ SIGM program. She is a proud alumna of the University of California, Los Angeles, and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University’s Medill School.

Her travels and education have taken her to cities across many countries around the world. Raised in Manila, Philippines and Los Angeles, CA, with a good stint in Chicago, she is now back to the only place she calls home: sunny Southern California. You may contact her at kristinemyro[at][gmail].

* The views expressed in this blog are entirely my own and do not reflect those of my company or organizational affiliations.

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