What is Growth Hacking?

When I was doing the user experience design bootcamp, I came across a few people who mentioned the idea of “growth hacking.” I was introduced to this term in Manila (of all places!), and a coworker lent me a book about it. I decided to read it today.

Growth Hacking is the idea that startup folks can build a “self perpetuating marketing machine” amid zero to little marketing resources. Essentially, it’s how new companies in the digital age (social media, digital publications), promote their product or brand. By birthing the term “growth hacking,” it turns this low-strategy, high-tactic way of doing marketing into a method, a process, a repeatable endeavor.

In taking a broader perspective, I think creating a “self perpetuating marketing machine” ultimately involves user-centered design thinking, which is all about considering the needs of users whose needs you are trying to address with your product.


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