How Research & Analytics Can Give Rise to the Empowered Customer

Leading marketers are using research and analytics to shed light on who buys what, and why; who influences buyers; and when, in the consumer decision journey, marketing efforts are likely to yield the greatest return. That understanding, in turn, is making it possible for marketers to identify more effectively the functional benefits that customers need, the experiences they want, and the innovations they will value.

“The Dawn of Marketing’s New Golden Age,” Mckinsey Quarterly, February 2015

I see this “new golden age for marketing” (as McKinsey puts it) as a time when power shifts from corporations that produce goods and thereby dictating what customers could buy, toward customers asserting what they need and want in products that enhance their lives, compelling corporations to supply what customers demand. Add social media to the mix a platform for visibility is created, generating more pressure to companies to respond. It’s a good time to be a customer.


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