Idea: Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Content

I have an idea. For those who know me, this is unsurprising because I’m filled with ideas, which can sometimes be distracting but I wouldn’t have it otherwise. Better have an abundance of ideas than a dearth of it. (I’ve learned to manage it but keeping a pocket notebook in which I deposit these sparks. I’ve collected a ton over the years.)

My idea is: what if we deconstruct content, shuffle the pieces, and reconstruct them into something new? To make this more clear, say we have a book. What if we redefine the traditional way a book is compiled, break them into chapters/paragraphs/sentences, and then pair them with other media, such as a painting, music and then compile them in a package that we call something like, “interactive storytelling?

What if we take a favorite book, say “100 Years of Solitude,” and add a score to it, a score you can listen to in the background as you read or listen to the book? Like, make these stories like one of those radio novellas that people used to listen to in the past?

I was a lit major in college, and there’s always something interesting and innovative when we deconstruct a piece of literary work. It allows you to see hidden themes and new interpretations when you look at a piece of work through a different lens.

The possibilities are endless. And think of it this way: if we think of each “piece” of content as a variable, the more we add to the mix, then statistically speaking, there are a number of ways we can combine these variables together. We can build a model and use combinatronics to generate combos on what can be paired!

Further, what if we pair content from different parts of the world, as to birth a new category of transnational content? It would be interesting to read Great Expectations with instrumental music from Chinese operas (which to me sounds a lot like Irish fiddle music)? Or, to venture into something more relevant, what if Madame Chrysanthème (the novel that inspired the opera, Madame Butterfly) was read with music from Japanese violinist Midori Goto?

I would love for something like this to be created. I do think there are other people too who would be drawn to this idea.

There are so many ways this can be done. Akin to going to the culinary trend of deconstructing say, a lettuce salad. I’ve had so many of these deconstructed meals in the last few years, which is an interesting concept because it gives the diner the freedom of choice in constructing the meal in any way they want. The “pairing” concept also comes from the culinary tradition of pairing wine with food. Heck, if chefs can pair desserts with a drink (or another kind of dessert), why can’t we do it with other consumables, albeit digital, such as content?

This will definitely give the user of each piece of content an experience. I think this is incredibly interesting, and could be something fruitful.



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