Another Idea: Recategorization of Entertainment Content Into Emotional Categories

Entertainment products, such as movies, music, films, are known to evoke in us different kinds of emotions. They can put us in a positive or negative mood, depending on the implicit narrative found in these works. Emotions are a huge driver for their appeal, which is why we look to genres when we’re looking for a movie to make us laugh (comedy) or a piece of music to make us cry (Chopin).

What if there is a recommendation site that reorganizes entertainment products based on emotions? Much like how Ted is organized based on whether a particular video makes you feel “inspired” or “motivated.” What if that emotional classification is extended beyond Ted videos, to encompass a wider array of media?

I, for one, am always looking for classical music that will help me focus on studying (since I’m in grad school). I also like consuming films that make me laugh, especially when the stresses (winter, school, work) are high and I want a momentarily respite from it all.


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