The polar vortex is upon us here in Chicago. I thought weather like this (-45 temp/-40 wind chills) only happen in places like, the artic. Being from Los Angeles, I am unfamiliar with any temperature outside the 60-80F range we’re blessed with year round. I called my mother to tell her about the weather and to lessen her worry, and she is trying to urge me to promptly transfer back to Los Angeles. I was just there for the holiday break, and it is paradise compared to where I am now.

Speaking of winter, I’m excited for my two classes this quarter. One is an IMC Law class where we will be discussing law and legal decisions relating to communications, and another is a Kellogg class on Media and Content where we will explore media content production and distribution (as well as business models).

I think these will be very useful classes and the knowledge I will gain will definitely help me become a marketing professional who is aware of legal implications in communication both in regulated and unregulated markets, along with trends and innovative methods to distribute media. Perhaps this will finally help me flesh out my plans for social impact? Maybe it’s through media all along that I will finally reach that dream for global/community development. We’ll see!


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