The Personal Value of Pinterest

Previously only featuring personal accounts, which included recipe, inspiration, art boards to mark individual expression, Pinterest has greatly expanded to include other types of accounts: from celebrities to business. On the business side, several well-known brands have started to include Pinterest to their strategy. Pinterest has dedicated a page to showcase the variety of brands that have a pin presence.

Even luxury brands like Chanel understand the power of the digital world as a platform to build brand equity and have yielded to the Pinterest phenomenon. Those who do not have a proactive strategy will find that people will start defining your brand, no permission asked.

Individual accounts are still being used widely- I still update my own from time to time. The power Pinterest has for me exists in its functionality as a reminder of who I am to one audience: myself. While others use it for self-expression to broadcast their identities to the world, for me, it serves more like a chronicle of my passions, interests, and natural inclinations. I have a board that speaks to my literary/film intellectual self back in college. I have a board that reminds me of the style I want to establish but may have strayed away from. I have another that was created as a sweepstakes entry but touches on my love for travel and short bursts of imageries as prose. I have a few secret boards that act as vision boards and wish lists. And so on.

In this situation, Pinterest has another use, tied to something more personal. It is not just an account that you open to join the current fad, or to publicize oneself online, or to brag about your shopping “haul.” It is as much a vehicle to connect yourself to yourself, and when boards are constructed well, it can even unearth narrative streams that you may not be aware of. It is as much a personal discovery into your own identity as much as it is an expression of your personality to the world.


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