Updates From a Grad Student

Without stating the obvious, I’ve been very busy with work, work that requires a commitment in excess of standard full-time hours, and along with that graduate school is a key stakeholder in the allotted amount of hours in a given day. How ever huge of an investment in terms of time, energy and money, I am absolutely enjoying my master’s program. It makes me feel present, alive and at the forefront of thinking in the marketing world- thanks to a challenging curriculum and brilliant professors in a competitive university. I feel that I am contributing, I am stimulated and provoked by what I’m learning, and I feel very much in the swing of things. It feels thrilling and overwhelming at the same time to imagine the possibilities if I focus and stay the course – opportunities will be boundless.

The challenge will be to continue this motivation and even act in bolder ways- to push the edges of thinking and collaboratively shape new directions and possibilities. Most of all, I feel that I am exactly where I should be. It is such a great feeling when things fit right, because things just flow much more effectively.

On another note, in line with my dedication to continuous improvement, I’ve been researching for ways to learn more vocabulary, which I strongly think should be a continuous learning process, not just something you learn as a young student through vocab drills and flash cards. Especially for someone who is conversant in multiple languages, vocabulary is crucial to distinguish nuance between words and make sure what is lost in translation is minimized. There are many times when what I intend to say or explain surpasses the knowledge I have to express it. My thoughts are complete within me, but I need to improve how to communicate it with others so they understand, which is especially challenging when faced with varied audiences with different levels of understanding.

I woke up one day and something clicked- the best way for me to learn new vocab and improve your communication skills is to write. To simply write. And read. Writing to let words flow and practice synthesizing thoughts, as well as to allow myself the chance to reach for a Thesaurus. Reading is important as it introduces new ideas, but writing is even more powerful. Writing also helps me dispense and distill my thoughts, so I can contribute raw ideas, improve them and arrive at a more refined level of thinking.


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