A Critical Challenge to Pursue

Last week Digiday interviewed a Kellogg executive, who lamented the ROI issue in social media. “What is tricky for us is, we are not direct marketers, and it becomes hard for us to understand what is working best,” said Bob Arnold, associate director for Kellogg North America’s digital strategy. “Like Twitter and Pinterest, for example, where there are no industry standards for measurement, it is about gut instinct. So the measurement piece is a challenge, especially in the emerging areas.”


It’s challenging to measure digital media because it’s new and technologies are fast changing. The metrics that worked well yesterday may not be obsolete today. Many times, it is frustrating, because it feels like all we do is go back to the drawing board and re-map the measurement frameworks. Other times, it is exhilirating to think about how people behave in terms of what they buy and find ways we can captivate them through media touchpoints.


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