Welcome, 2012!

Happy New Year! It’s yet another year again, and this year sounds promising for a lot of people around me. People are getting jobs, going back to school, and most of all, optimistic about the possibilities of the future. Though the news and events in the last couple of years have given us a beating, I can see that through our persistence, a focus on our strengths, and steering our ship towards the positive, things are definitely looking up. There has been a lot changes in the marketing industry in the last couple of years that looking back at 2008, which was just 4 years ago, it seems like a decade of changes has happened. Marketers have not only gotten savvy in their marketing approaches and connecting with consumers through the emerging digital channels, but consumers have also learned how to reach brands that resonate with them and social media have given them a way to take a more empowered stance in the marketer-consumer relationship.

Some of the challenges (and where opportunities also lie!) include: the level of detail is consumer segmentation that we can now uncover, the fragmentation of the industry where media and tech companies have been sprouting here and there to add to marcom marketplace and technology areas, the development of sophisticated, targeted and integrated marketing strategies, as well as the redefinition of the consumer in this increasingly connected and global landscape.

All of these events are exciting and I plan to blog more in 2012 to document my experiences as a consumer, a cross-media marketer at a global agency, and a global citizen. 2011 proved to be a year of multiple changes in my life, from moving to Chicago, to changing jobs, to discovering professional opportunities, connecting with people from various industry, deeply (re)/defining my long-term goals. In 2012, I strive to strengthen my ties and develop a richer understanding of the bigger world. I’m still very much interested in the intersection of business, people, products in this fast-changing global world, and that will still be the main focus of this blog. My posts will chronicle the day-to-day outcomes and observations I glean as a professional in the middle of this dynamic, fascinating world. Through these blog posts I hope to create a collection of posts from personal experience that I can look back on and further understand the evolution of the industry.

I hope 2012 will allow us all bigger opportunities to develop as responsible, consumer-oriented and globally connected marketers!


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