Chicago worklife

Since the first half of the week was spent in New York, I only had a few days of work in Chicago, which was further shortened by the big summer company party which we all attended. I followed up my training by doing exercises with the tools I learned in New York, and have been asking a lot of questions as I explore the information. I was also able to watch webinars from the vendors we work with, which were also helpful. The workload is not an issue since I’m being eased into the work, instead of throwing me into the fire right away. I also have a great support network that consists of my peers and my working manager. My manager even reached out and sat with me for half an hour as soon as I got back from New York to remind me to reach out if I ever need help. We were also able to set weekly meetings to update each other, since we are usually working on different projects.

I feel that I’m able to connect more with my coworkers, especially since I’ve been here for a few weeks. I still keep on meeting new people, and I introduce myself to those I haven’t met when I encounter them on the floor or the elevator. Advertising agency crowds may seem exclusive, but they don’t necessarily form cliques like many would assume. Instead, agency people are very collaborative and they form strong working relationships with each other, which makes them seek each other out and spend more time as a group, organically.

What I miss about New York and Los Angeles is the diversity of people. Not just in the city, but in the workplace. I feel that Chicago, while having its own share of people from all backgrounds, still has yet to create a more dynamic, diverse workplace. I’ve seen the office in New York and they’re very much more diverse than the one in Chicago, so it’s not a function of the company being less diverse. The city is not the one to blame entirely, since being in the Midwest, it attracts people in and around the surrounding areas who come from the same racial, social and economic backgrounds.

Next week will be all about meeting more new faces, since I’ll be going on the lengthy, intensive training as part of my development to be a better, updated media professional! I hope to learn as much as I can, as well as contribute my knowledge and assist those who may be new to the industry/working life. Many of those who I’ll be training with are fresh graduates who are just experiencing their first few weeks in the workforce. Having been working for the past few years, both in short-term and freelance positions, I hope to share my point of view!


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