Coming back to blogging

It’s June and we’re surely into summertime already. Though here in Chicago, it seems that the weather has experienced confusion and we’ve gone from a cold May to a hot and humid early June. For a moment it seemed as though spring had been skipped altogether, but in the next few days we will be experiencing some rain and thunderstorms. We just went from winter to summer to spring, in about three weeks’ time.

Oh, the joys of living in Chicago.

My Chicago experience since moving here late last year has been a whirlwind; from juggling multiple part-time jobs and working 50-60 hour weeks, to leaving them altogether, going to Paris, and coming back with a full-time offer in marketing. I’ll be sharing anecdotes from these experiences in future blog posts, since there were indeed lots of lessons I’ve learned in situations both challenging and ideal within the past 6 months.

I haven’t been able to post much on this blog in the last few months; the part-time jobs left me overworked and put me at a distance from the marketing world with which I had been entwined career-wise. Now that I’ve hoisted myself up again, and it will be full engagement again with industry news, professionals, and business-related events. Things are coming together, people feel more alive and summer is surely looking like it will be the start of something promising. I hope to keep up this blog and post more regularly, sharing my thoughts, ideas and comments on the delicious happenings in and out of the marketing field and global business world at large.


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