Helping Retail Clerks Learn About The Products They’re Selling

In addition to my previous post about paying attention to how you engage with your customer and to Frank Reed’s post about consumers increasingly becoming more knowledgeable than sales associates:

I’ve walked out of a sale because of an incompetent sales associate, but if I have a strong need for the product, I won’t necessarily leave the store– I would just politely nod and try to look for the product myself. What is more annoying is when you’re more informed than the sales associate regarding price— for example, you know full well that you can price match or redeem a coupon for the product you’re intending to buy, and the sales associate would bluntly say, “No, you just can’t do that, that’s not how it works.” I usually go to another branch, but for succeeding purchases, I would think twice about going to that company.


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