Searching For Consumers Through Google Search

Human beings have an instinct to search. People seek information to satisfy questions that they need to be answered, or to reach a happy state when their needs are fulfilled by a product or service.

There is someone out there searching for your products and services. But first, you need to be found.

Organic search and paid search
In a typical Google search, paid search is placed on the fringes of the site, usually on top of the organic search results or on the right sidebar. Many people are familiar with Google and know the distinction between paid search results and organic search results. Few people actually pay attention to the paid results because they look like spam. As a frequent Google searcher, I would instinctively ignore anything written at the top or on the right sidebar because I don’t trust them. These paid results are probably legitimate businesses, but my suspicion of them drives me to solely consider organic search results. In fact, I don’t recall clicking on a paid search result, unless it was an accidental click due to a computer mouse issue.

Search engine optimization
In the book, “Marketing in the Age of Google,” Vanessa Fox says that, “88% of online search dollars are spent on paid results, even though 85% of searches click on organic results.” That’s where search engine optimization marketing techniques come in. Website owners and bloggers add keywords to their site to package it as marketable to Google bots who crawl the page and spit their sites to the top of Google rankings. A lot of companies and even small business are preoccupied SEO, but I think what is more important to know (and what every marketer should learn) is web analytics. You have to know that to do with your prospects the website after the “so what?” questions comes after you’ve successfully brought in your customers to the page. Analytics, as a whole, helps you decide where customers are going within your site and what they are reading the most. It allows you to see if most people are only there casually (or accidentally!) or if they are really interested in your company enough to buy a product or service.

Customer engagement

Your engagement with your customers, as well as what they’re saying about their experience is a more essential area to focus on than worry about not being the first entry on Google search rankings. As long as your web content is a good reflection of your company and what you’re offering, you’re in the first page on Google and you have some visibility, you’re fine. You just have to make sure that coupled with the ease of locating you, you can satisfy a need.


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