On global entrepreneurship, or, a refreshing take on the (positive) impact of globalization

“So much of the outcome of globalization– a lot of the barriers — technological, communications trqvel barriers have gone by the wayside. Entrepreneurs can play much more with a global footprint. That role that they will play will influence and increase the economic base, of the 21st century, moving forward. Governments and the private sector are now recognizing that that is the role that these companies will play and can play. These are the job creators. These are the companies that bring the innovations forward, that advance society, create prosperity and increase the economic base of any economy.”

“In emerging markets, where there is a lack of entrepreneurial infrastructure, that it feels that the barriers and obstacles are so high. Entrepreneurship is not limited by geography or boundary. Ideas happen anywhere. The encouragement and what the entrepreneur sees is, I can do this. I can start. And I think that is the secret to any success– is just starting.”

– Deidre Coyle, AllWorld Network and author of the HBR article, The High Intensity Entrepreneur

HBR Ideacast: The New Global Entrepreneur


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