Globalization Fascination

Consider a Japanese cook in a French restaurant owned by Chinese restaurateurs. Or, an American who grew up in China, went to international school, and came back to the country to study high school in California. How about meeting a Parisian in America whose a third-generation French, but whose ancestors came from India and Algeria, two countries that had been influenced by the West. Have you ever met someone who is of a certain ethnicity but was born and raised in a different country, and has never been outside of his birth country?

Encountering people of varied background challenges our notion of others through our expectations of their behavior, culturally as people who are part of a group, and economically as consumers.

The world is so much more connected than ever before, and not only is it necessary to understand people from other countries, but it is as important to acknowledge how global influences coming to shore are changing us. Globalization creates a world where boundaries are becoming increasingly flexible, which has, and will have, direct effect on our individual interactions within the space of our neighborhood– products, individuals and business models won’t easily be categorized anymore.

As a result of my own background and experiences, this topic fascinates me, which is why I started this blog.


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